About F.A. Guernsey & Co. Inc.

Old F.A. started what would become F.A. Guernsey & Co. Inc. in 1889 in Schoharie, New York as a partnership with Everett Rockefeller, his future brother-in-law. From the beginning, F.A. Guernsey and Co. has been a family business.

In its early years, the nursery focused on propagating fruit tree stock and selling the trees to orchards in the region. The research station at Cornell University was developing new varieties of fruit trees and particularly apple trees like the Corland Apple. Growers like F.A. Guernsey grew these new varieties, as well as traditional stock.

Guernsey’s Schoharie Nurseries was one of the earliest and largest nurseries selling Cortland apple trees. To this day tress sold by Guernsey’s Nurseries in the early 1900’s cover the hillsides of the Hudson, Champlain, and Mohawk valleys.

Over the years the nature of the nursery has had to adapt to changing market conditions. During the 1920’s, the ornamental horticulture business grew with the growth of suburbs and widespread ownership of automobiles. The nursery devoted an increasing proportion of the nursery to growing young shrubs, shade and ornamental trees, perennials, and other plants used in landscaping. Floyd II who operated the business for over 50 years before turning it over to Floyd III remembers watching the company’s team of 12 horses dig holes for the trees.

125 years later, we are still growing hardy, quality plants. For more information about our stock or to just browse, stop by our nursery today! We look forward to seeing you.

Floyd Guernsey III


Current owner/operator of F.A. Guernsey's Co. Schoharie Nurseries.

Floyd Guernsey IV


Floyd Guernsey IV is the oldest son of Floyd Guernsey III

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